Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer

ashampoo-Photo Optimizer-download

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6.0.8

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6.0.8 enhances and controls your current photos to the high gloss with only one click. The actual Ashampoo Photo Optimizer combines a modern and clear plan program. That already organized with the touch screen display settings of the most recent monitors as well as laptops, with intuitive usage and a thought-out range of functions. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer allows you to meet up your digital photos fast. Almost everything is so easy you never need to read a manual – as soon as you face and capture just click and go.


One-Click-Optimization with distinctive photographs
New image viewer together with explorer-like navigation
Earlier/later result in real-time
Red eye modification
Perfect things for your images – one at a time or batch treated
Separately positioned watermarks
Color correction together with adjustable standards
Develop postage brands
Enhance multiple photographs simultaneously by batch finalizing complete photo gatherings
Change your images to numerous file setups
Image getting older and much other

Thursday, 2 April 2015

ZJMedia Easy DVD Player

zj player-Download

ZJMedia Easy DVD Player Multilingual

Easy DVD Player is usually a powerful, extremely versatile along with simple to operate video player; it help just about all record of DVD’s format as well as Blu-rays.  It permits you to play DVD files in a user-friendly background. ZJMedia Easy DVD Player will support you lockout each of the location security of DVDs. Along with BDs as well as support DVD and BD menus, similarly you will receive the output the 5.1 audio tracks externally any quality cost. 


Shows a wide range of media files
Stunning video and audio quality
It can assist nearly all the video and audio formats. Users don’t need to worry about that it would have excellence loss.
Complete featured DVD navigation.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015




Download FeeVirtualDJ

VirtualDJ is DJ software program for computer and MAC; that is used by DJs to modification their turntables also CD players, and apply digital music preferably of record and CDs. It features a finding beatLock engine that will have your songs in tune and let you work your mixes amazingly instantly than any additional DJ. The idea permits you “mix” your songs, by just participating in several tracks concurrently. Improve their general swiftness so that their speed will probably match up; implement effects such as loops etc., in addition to crossfade in one side to any other. 

Essential Features

Actual scratch reproduction
Automatic Pitch corresponding
CD into MP3 encoder
Regular checks
Automatic Audio gain matching
Broadcast on the Internet

Monday, 30 March 2015




Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro enables you defrag files that are unreachable throughout system operation, as well as optimize data placement on your hard drive to ensure faster access and most efficient operation. The various scheduling options let you just maintain consistently high HDD speed. Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro is quite dependable software with an automatic interface that will produce some of the required features for defragmenting the hard disk. The primary step will be to decide the hard drive so that the application can scan it. The actual fragmented percentage from your hard disk will be made available to you. 

Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro Features

Defragments system files
Offers a choice of 4 disks optimization algorithms
Not only defrags, but restricts additional fragmentation
Uses specific algorithms for SSD also VSS-enabled drives
Displays detailed records and performance diagrams

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The KMPlayer


The KMPlayer Final

KMPlayer Final is a free and effectual multimedia player, capable of actively playing numerous audio and video types and working with the well-known codecs. It manages a broad range of subtitles and allows you to capture audio; video also screenshots in various forms. The player includes nearly all the fundamental free decoders essential for playback. This program furthermore understands the particular subtitles in DVD discs that enable to record audio, video or images of any area of the actively playing section.


Helps DVD
Simple to use
Supports level and high terms
Video capturing function
Picture resizing function
Helps several different sets of output devices
Image processing function
Wallpaper seeing function
Helps Winamp, RealMedia, QuickTime