Monday, 16 March 2015

Paragon Backup and Recovery


Paragon Backup and Recovery 15 Home

Paragon Backup & Recovery Home is an extremely efficient solution for a reliable backup as well as the ultimate recovery. Whether just preventing files, automating backup procedures or making complicated backup programs, this kind of package involving valuable methods covers all your requires. The items speedy backup our files as well as folders, your hard disk or even the complete operating system to any storage you choose. Backup & Recovery Home makes sure that your system and useful data covered dependable and may always resort in case there is any devastation!

The main Features of Paragon Backup Recovery 15 Home:

Quick and simple data recovery
Perfect and safe backup
Complete backup – get a copy of your PC, covering the operating system, applications, settings and every data.
Several Backup – create copies just the modified data.
Complete task scheduler – the capability to schedule normal backups and automatically
Backup Capsule – you can set backup files to a particular secure place called the Backup Capsule and take an additional level of protection for all data carried in it.

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